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Studying Goju Ryu under the guidance of Simone and Luke is very relaxed. They teach Karate with an emphasis on understanding content. There is a large focus on training in traditional kata, with the push also on applying these principles into self defence and sparring. Self defence lessons focus on both stand up and ground based work, incorporating both traditional and more modern weaponry with guided instruction.
Both Simone and Luke love studying the traditional martial arts, going back to Okinawan heritage. They have done all different types of training, including Muay Thai ring fights. Now, they focus their efforts more on the study of kata, application and kihon.


Luke McGeorge
18 years experience
3rd Degree ZDK
3rd Degree Muay Thai
Blue Belt BJJ
Ryukyu Kobudo Hozonkai - student


Simone Basile
Stated Training age 11 - over 20years experience 
4th Degree ZDK
4th Degree Muay Thai
2nd Degree Goju Ryu Kenkukai 
Ryukyu Kobudo Hozonkai - student

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